Twelve crises the news don’t show you (Short Movie) 4K

Autor/in: Sandra Bulling & UNICEF Deutschland (30.12.2021)

“Auch wenn wir es nicht wahrhaben wollten: In 2021 hat die Corona-Pandemie erneut die Nachrichten und die Gespräche im Freundes- und Familienkreis beherrscht. Dabei gibt es humanitäre Krisen und Katastrophen, deren Auswirkungen auf das Leben von Kindern so dramatisch sind, dass täglich davon berichtet werden müsste. Hier stellen wir Ihnen zwölf davon vor.” (30.12.2021, Sandra Bulling)

Video edited by Jens Rößger-Wüste & Leon Wüste.
Recorded at Lemastudio tv stuidos.

Lemastudio © 2022

We dream of simple lives (2005) 4K

Örjan Andersson Dance Company

We dream of simple lives” is a study in spatial and musical conditions. It is a saturated work about the collision between two antitheses; the poetic and the mathematical. A collision that opens up for bizarre changes in time and space.

Choreography: Örjan Andersson

Light and setdesign: Jens Sethzman

Dancers: Therese Fredriksson, Dan Johansson, Jenni-Elina Lehto, Cilla Olsen, Kristine Natalie Slettevold, Sara Åhman

Music: Alva Noto, Steinbrüchel, Mitchell Akiyma, Carsten Nicolai, Pole, Aphex Twin

Rehearsal director: Ina Sletsjøe

Photo: Anna Diehl

Video edited by Jens Rößger-Wüste & Leon Wüste.
Recorded at Lemastudio tv stuidos.

Lemastudio © 2022

Lemastudio Patches

Edition of 50
Border: chain border
Size: 7cm x 7cm
Motive: Lemastudio

Additional option Velcro surface on the back 2-part Hook Velcro side is sewn onto the patch. Fleece side is supplied to match.

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Lemastudio – Men’s Set-in Short Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt – 2022

“Lemastudio – T-Shirt” has a round neck, short and set-in sleeves, giving it its classic men’s tee look.

An affordable high performance fabric ideal for school sports or corporate uniforms – a very popular all-rounder. This fabric is light-weight, it has an eyelet knit texture with permanent wicking properties to ensure comfort and performance for the wearer. *Ideal for: T SHIRTS, POLOS, SINGLETS *Low to High-intensity sports and activities.100% Polyester

Lemastudio >PEACE< Posters 2022

Since Thursday, the world has been watching the war that is currently raging in Ukraine. The Lemastudio team has come forward to support the civilian population. The studio designed a poster to express its solidarity with Ukraine. The edition is initially limited to 10 pieces.

All proceeds go to “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”.

Edition of 10
Stamped and numbered
40 X 60 cm

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NOWAR (Short Movie) 4K


Like all of you, we are shocked how Europe has changed over the past week.

We all know, whatever vision or opinion a country leader has, there is NO right to take an independent and rightful country in the brutal way we see it in Ukraine right now. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people. We hope you are safe and this nightmare is over soon.

We want to ask for respect and humanity because war is no solution. War is the way of the weak without respect.


Filmed and edited by Jens Rößger-Wüste & Leon Wüste.
Recorded at Lemastudio tv stuidos.

Lemastudio © 2022

Lemastudio Hologram Sticker 2022

In the new Lemastudio set you get 3 high-quality and weather-resistant hologram stickers – which you can use individually and in a variety of ways!

5,7 X 5,4 cm

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Lost Places (Short Movie) 4K

Definition: What are Lost Places anyway? Sometimes they are hidden in the forest and sometimes in the middle of the big city – Lost Places are abandoned places and buildings that are empty for various reasons. Some of them were never renovated because there was no general interest in them.

“Who’s They ?” Music by Hans Zimmer 2014 (Interstellar – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Filmed by Matthias Groeneveld & Jens Rößger-Wüste.
Edited by Jens Rößger-Wüste & Leon Wüste.

Lemastudio © 2022